The great patriotic war презентация

26 600 000, в т. ч. 8 668 400 военных Безвозвратные потери - 11 444 100 человек. 11 900 000 прим. 1 , в т. ч. 5 076 700 военных Безвозвратные потери - 8 649 200 человек (не считая 1,6 млн, взятых в плен после 9 мая 1945 года. Presentation on theme: "Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 The Years Of The The great Patriotic war Cities-Heroes Презентация ученицы 10 «Б» МБОУ СОШ. The Great Patriotic War, Part I. Russian communism cannot be explained solely through the internal logic of Russian history; It was a specifically Russian. 7 In 4 long years came the Great Victory. Why did our army, our people win it? It was possible because it was the war for our independence and liberation. 29 янв 2014 Данная презентация знакомит с некоторомыми событиями Великой Отечественной Войны (Москва, Курск). The expulsion of German troops from northern Finland and Norway (October) V. The Road to Berlin of Scandinavia to the White Sea and the Soviet ports. 28 Jan 2009 The Russo-German War The invasion of Russia 1941-45. The People's War” or “The Great Patriotic War”; 13. The nature of the fighting. 4 июл 2015 The Great Patriotic War,презентация. Нажмите, чтобы узнать подробности. Эта презентация может быть использована в любом классе. 20 Feb 2015 . In the run-up to the Defenders of the Fatherland holiday, Vladimir Putin presented medals commemorating the 70th anniversary of Victory The Great Patriotic War, 1941-45. PRINCIPAL BELLIGERENTS: Axis powers: Germany; Italy; Japan. Allies: British Empire; United States; Soviet Union; France. 30.3.1941 г. … 11.00. Большое совещание у фюрера. Почти 2,5-часовая речь… Борьба двух идеологий. Early career. Yuri Orlov was born into a working-class family on 13 August 1924 and grew up in a village near Moscow. His parents were Klavdiya Petrovna Lebedeva. Il y a peu de sources sur l'origine ou la formation des Kazakhs. Les principales sources sont les l gendes orales de ce peuple et les observations et enregistrements. Антимовски хан е издание за животопис и култура на Сдружението на писателите в Добрич.